boom – lyrics

Album: Hands Together (2013)

Off goes the shot now’s the time if you like it or not
Now you’re up against the wall keep your eyes up it’s fly or fall
So far you’ve been hiding away time to get it fixed and make the break
Be free it’s up to you don’t always have to do what the other man do

Down you go no one else to blame but that you know
So now turn it all around bring it back together and make some sound
Or you will be on your own if you don’t reach out you’ll be you alone
For good so make it now don’t force your hand are you in or out?

Blue yeah you pick yourself up and start a new
Green we’ve all been let it go find a new release
Red enough said let it take control and you’ll lose your head
Boom off goes the shot now’s your time if you like it or not.